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Then she was wondering why she had her phone in her pocket. Why did it work, even after passing through the obviously strong electrical field that was the Barrier? Sure, she didn't have service, but it was still functional anyway. Did it really matter, if she was dreaming? No, but if she wasn't imagining this whole ordeal...

Bastien poked her temple lightly with the tip of his finger. "The lights are on, but it seems as if no one's home, Cerina. Mind telling me where your thoughts just ran away with you to?"

She shrugged. "Just pondering, really. Nothing super important."

Bastien rested his chin on his fist and tilted his head slightly in a catlike manner. "You're not dreaming, Cerina. But if you'd like to think you are, it might make certain things easier. However... Don't go being reckless and thinking this is something you can just wake up from if you end up injured somehow. I don't want to lose you because you weren't being cautious."

She nodded. "So... You said you wanted me to come here with you, Bastien. But why? What is there here aside from uber sexy man form of you that you wanted to share with me?"

He leaned in close and that woodsy scent overwhelmed her again, the scent containing something that made her feel like her nerve endings were on fire. Those smooth fingertips lightly cupped the side of her face, carefully, as if she were something delicate and fragile that could easily be broken. She went to open her mouth to protest, but Bastien's lips were pressed to hers before her synapses had even completed transferring the command to speak. All other thoughts were lost, although the kiss was chaste and filled with good intentions. Never before had she felt what she did when that moist, supple skin met with hers, careful and demanding all at once.

Cerina leaned into the embrace, sliding her hands up to take fistfuls of his silken alabaster hair that felt more plush than she ever could have imagined it would. She deepened the kiss, her tongue darting out tentatively to teasingly stroke the tip of his. That heated and nigh electric touch tore a groan of longing from deep within Bastien and he gripped the edge of the table with his hands to keep from grasping onto the girl as tightly as he wanted to. Seconds later, Cerina heard the sound of wood splintering beneath the stress of his fingers.

She wanted to be startled by the noise, but told herself that it was something she'd be better off worrying about later. It seemed like a sturdy table, and probably not something that a man should be able to reduce to toothpicks with little effort from his bare hands. However, she continued her slow and torturous exploration of his mouth with her tongue, inquisitively touching the tip of one of those feline fangs and shrinking back from the hardness of it before dragging his lower lip between her own. Cerina stroked it enticingly with her teeth before pulling back slightly and letting go, leaving both of them breathless and speechless.

She rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes, a small laugh escaping her as she caught her breath. "Sorry... Something about the way you smell just makes me lose it..."

Nano ho!

Cerina tried again in vain to speak, finally clearing her throat forcefully, a vibrant blush rising in her cheeks as her eyes met his. "Oh, I see. But... Wow. Were you just mostly human the first time you happened to stumble into here, or was it something that you had to work at?"
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current wordcount: 3283

NaNo continues!

Cerina looked to him once again. "Should I bother bringing my wallet along or anything?"
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NaNoWriMo begins!

Starting to work on my NaNo stuff for this year. I'm gonna do this shiz if it kills me. >.<;;
wordcount: 1014

..."Moordarq is many things.. A feline retirement colony is not one of them." His kitty eyebrows furrowed then. "Are you trying to say I'm old?" he asked in disbelief.

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So it's been a while again. A long while. I feel like every time I ignore going through the daily writing motions, it just becomes that much harder for me to get into the swing of things again. And it sucks, because I could really use some sort of escape right now. I remember when writing was that escape for me, back in school when all I had to worry about was getting my homework done on time.When boys weren't really that big of a deal, and all I needed was me and a notebook or my computer, and I could be worlds away. And all I knew, at those times at least, was happiness. Every time people say they feel like there's a hole in their life and they just haven't found that thing to fill it yet... mine is, and always has been, writing. I just keep being a dumbass and ignoring it. This livejournal is still here (until they start making me pay for it...) so maybe I should start making use of it the way I did in times long ago. The excessive j-rock and visual kei I'm pouring in my ears right now is helping a little. Helping me remember... I love how life can take away from us the things that really matter the most, even though we think that the things we're living for are the most important.

I'm done waxing philosophical, now...

Hell followed me. Everywhere I went, it seemed. Any odd stroke of good luck I had was immediately negated amid a huge wash of negative things that made me wish the good had never come. You can't miss what you never had, right? And the contrast between the two was always so striking and large that it really made me feel like I would have been better off never knowing that life could, for a shining moment or two, not make me wish that I was dead.

I never would have guessed that it had anything to do with the fact that a great ancestor of mine had been cursed by a rather pissed off coven of nineteen witches. And if it hadn't been for that damn donut, things might have turned out differently.

Infernalia con't!

 Celestials (Angels)
        ~half Celestials (Ingers): the spawn of humans and Celestials
potential deformities: feathered wings in proportion to their body, non-functional wings, glowing blue eyes, all white eyes, breath of frost, touch of frost, voicequake (the ability to inflict damage/destroy with the sheer volume of their voice, sometimes without the control of the Inger.

Half Celestial/Half Infernals DO NOT EXIST. Their genes destroy each other, like a battle between bacteria and leukocytes. There has yet to be a successful Infernal/Celestial birth, but there are talks of genetic experimentation on both sides to attempt to eradicate all the half-breed flaws present in human hybrids, and produce all of the advantages of both races.


 real date=4.25.2010

Urban fantasy board -setting:

The world has been overrun by demons. Hell has opened up and demons poured forth to take control of the planet. People, by and large, have been enslaved and things have regressed to a mixture of swords/sorcery and modern technology. Guns aren't super common, but they do exist and are known of by almost everyone. 

Some people are demon/human half-breeds, and they have both enhancements and defects because of their mixed blood. Depending upon their more dominant genes, they possess a various combo of traits from either parent. 

ALL half-breeds, regardless of which genes are more dominant, have eyes that clearly mark them as tainted (regardless of which race's perspective, both are considered muddled). Their eyes have three distinct rings of color, all of complimentary shades. 
ie: midnight blue, cornflower blue, robin's egg blue.

More dominant demon genes lead to at least one, but no more than three, of the following physical deformities: cloven feet, tail, wings, horns, fangs, scent of sulfur, reddish tinged skin, scales.

...more to come!


 real date= 4.25.2010

"Sexy? How in the hell do you figure that a French accent is sexy? Ya crazy weirdo..."


 actual date = 4.25.2010... Yeah, work sucks like that sometimes.

It was the only way to travel, and no one believed that she could actually do it. They were all missing out. Some day they might open their eyes and their minds and be able to enjoy this incredible sensation.

Riding through the nightsky on a moonbeam with the cool breeze ruffling her hair, Selene felt alive and free, even though her body was immobile and hooked up to a spaghetti-like mass of wires and monstrous machines in a hospital bed. Selene had been in a coma for two years.



A girl could lose herself in a place like this... she thought to herself with a frustrated little sigh. If she was practically getting lost in the meandering maze of foliage and rocks and fences, how in the hell was he supposed to meet her here? That was a stupid question. Knowing who and what he was, he'd have no problem finding her here, even if scent was the only sense that led him to her.

Shaking her head and grumbling to herself, she continued on even though there was a heavy sensation in her gut that told her this was a bad idea. Meet a strange guy in a secluded section of the Park at eleven at night... Not your best and brightest idea, Kacea. 

She looked at her watch and saw that he'd be finding her in about fifteen minutes. A dark voice murmuring her name in her ear made her let out an involuntary yelp before she clamped a hand over her own mouth. Her pulse racing so quickly that she knew for a fact he could hear it, Kacea turned to meet the gaze of the vampire behind her.

"Jesus, Jamison! Is giving me a heart attack really necessary?!"

Those cupid's bow lips of his quirked up ever so slightly on the left side and he reached out with the back of chilly and porcelain pale fingers to stroke her cheek. "Silly girl... It is what I 'live' for. " He chuckled darkly, his laughter becoming louder and more throaty as she slapped his shoulder.

 This makes 3 days in a row... I think Hell has officially frozen over. ^^ At least that means I can go snowmobiling, right? Moar fanfiction? :3


 Back and forth, back and forth... The harbor seal swam, it's shiny underbelly and back alternating being topside as she showed off for the tourists with their flashbulbs and shrieking children. She paused in her rotation for a moment, turning to me on the other side of the fence and I saw the sadness in her eyes, and knew that all she wanted was to go home and be free. Even if she'd never truly tasted the ocean, every creature instinctively knows that freedom tastes sweeter than anything else in this world.

And sadly, I could do nothing and gaze back at her, nodding my head empathetically in acknowledgment of her sorrow.



 Absolutely horrendous. There was no reason for anything to be this bad. And especially with how much it had cost...

"Screw this nonsense..." she growled in disgust, throwing the half-eaten organic tuna sandwich into the garbage. "Wheat bread..." she shuddered. "Blech."

He gave her a fang-filled grin and she pointed at him menacingly. "Just because you get to eat people and I don't doesn't mean you get to laugh at me for having to eat shitty airport food..."

He patted her on top of the head. "Silly girl, if you'd only let me..." His arm around her waist pulled her in close, the sudden increased fluttering of her heartbeat like  a caged bird practically making him salivate in anticipation, his breath on her neck only worsening the situation.

She reached up and put the flat of her hand on his cheek and shoved his half-open mouth away forcefully. "Don't push it, Fang-Face."

He laughed, completely calm aside from his moment of acute awareness of his starvation. "You really are incorrigible, Kacea."

"Stuff it, Jamison."

"...With pleasure," he practically purred in her ear. 

She swatted him away, laughing as she did so. "Don't be so gross in public!" she shrilled.

Um.... Not sure if this is spoiler material, or if this is kinda like fanfiction of my own work? >.<;;

It begins again!

Because honestly, what better time to start up my daily writing nonsense than today, while sitting in an airport in NYC waiting for a friend to arrive? Although sadly, my laptop's almost dead, so I have to post this up for the moment and will come back and edit it later. ^^ I'll have to encourage Jenna to rekindle her muse, as well. 

Tepes Strain (update!)

I posted up the very small portion of this that I had typed up a million years ago... Here's what I've been working on with it of late. I'm actually hoping to make this into a NaNoWriMo project, adding 50k words to whatever I'm at once November 1st hits. I will hit at least 30k this year if it means I totally deprive myself of sleep. I will make it so, because I like feeling that I've accomplished something. Check the tags to get the first paltry portion of this, preaze.
current total wordcount: 2954

The convulsions faded...Collapse )

IC Rewrite, chapter 4 part 1

This is all I've got so far... Been having focus issues of late. But this is better than nothing and I'll likely be starting a new piece soon that should help me get motivated again...

Needless to say, no one believed me the next day at school. They said I’d either heard some ballsy coyotes or that I was hallucinating from my massive blood loss.
    I didn’t bother arguing with any of them. When the Big Bad Wolf came along to show them what big teeth he had, he could rip their faces off for all I cared.
    Shakespeare Lit and Geometry were over, so I was working on the homework from both of them in study hall. I was peeved and had been relatively quiet all morning, so Jynxx sat down next to me warily. “What’s buggin’ ya, Kaysh?”
    I sighed and shook my head a little, resting my chin on my hand. “I’m exhausted because a small wolf pack kept me up all night with their howling. And everyone seems to believe me to be too retarded to know the difference between coyote and wolf noises.”
    Jynxx cocked an eyebrow in reply. “They don’t sound even remotely similar.”
    “Thank you! I’ve lived out on Maple Lane, essentially in the middle of the woods, my whole life. I know what a damn coyote sounds like, and these were definitely not.”
    He nodded. “But wolves aren’t native to the area…” Jynxx seemed to ponder for a moment. “Maybe it’s some adolescents passing through. They were old enough to get kicked out of their packs and are forming their own.”
    “Yeah, but male wolves don’t usually travel together. It’s this weirdo masculine dominance power struggle thing.”
    Jynxx shrugged. “Maybe they’ve already established a power structure amongst themselves. Probably just looking for territory of their own. And maybe mates,” he added, almost as an afterthought.
    “But if there aren’t usually male wolves in the area, there likely aren’t lady wolves either.” I retorted.
    “Could be some… weird environmental factors pushing them out of their natural habitat higher up in the mountains.”
    I nodded. “Maybe.”

Matthias Greene, Soul Issues

I couldn't resist a little laugh that had nothing to do with humor. "You're kidding me, right? Please, tell me you're fucking joking..."

The line was silent for a few seconds, the woman on the other end obviously not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. Finally, she managed to share the information I needed. My heart sank at the news.

The Jackal, who I'd always thought was a man, was in the hospital... She'd just gone into labor.

Experimentation #1

So, a friend of mine suggested this. Arming playlist... Aaaaand... GO!

It was becoming too much to bear. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. The animal blood just wasn't working, wasn't sating my hunger and filling my body with warmth like it used to. Maybe it was the onset of vampiric adulthood that I was  certainly fast approaching. Maybe it simply didn't contain the proper nutrients like Trevor and Chaine had hoped...

I knew...Collapse )


Mister Alaric addressed the whole class again...Collapse )

current total word count: 3190... Maybe I can hit an even 10k in the next few days. Doubt it since Black Friday Weekend is two days away, but who knows? My modest goal now is a mere 5000 words. A tenth of the goal is better than nothing, ne?

In Circ rewrite-chapter 1, part 2

Well... with the way things have been going, it definitely doesn't look like I'll be reaching my goal of 25,000 words this month. 15k might be attainable... I guess we'll have to see.

The teacher...Collapse )

current total word count: 2152

In Circumspect re-write (NaNoWriMo)

Okie, so... here we go with my attempt to NOT fail miserably at National Novel Writing Month this year. The goal for NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words by midnight on the last day of the month.  However, November also happens to be THE busiest month in retail and I usually get lost the week before Black Friday. *shudders* So, to be more realistic in my goal, I'm going for 25,000 words. If I can make it to 50k, awesome, if not... 25k is better than 0k. Onward!

real date=11.03.2008

In Circumspect : Chapter 1

"Kacea Marie!"

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Run to the Hills

real date=10.6.2008

Suzerain was brought from her pondering by a sound that sent chills down her back and caused her to quickly reveal her own twin blades out of sheer instinct. The Enhaan twins looked to her in surprise, her stance solid and her expression determined. It might pain her to do so, but she would not allow these two from her childhood to kill the Prince. The mere thought of him being gone from her life made her feel hollow inside, and the emptiness was something she refused to be forced to bear by two strange men who knew nothing of their lives here. Her knuckles turned white from her tight grip on the hilts, her hands trembling ever so slightly as the void inside of her rapidly turned into anger.

Jethiel snarled in disdain, kicking his chair backward and drawing his own blade. It was a wickedly beautiful weapon, lengthy and curving like a flame molded into steel and frozen in time. "For one kept on a an invisible leash, the girl certainly has a mind of her own, Aletheian." The crueler of the twins growled lightly under his breath as Suzerain's eyes narrowed at him.

Jasper and Aletheian remained seated, their eyes locked as though having a silent conversation. Neither Jethiel nor Suzerain moved from their stances of preparation. It seemed to her then that Jasper had some modicum of control over his brother, or Jethiel surely would have attacked her by now.

"Suzerain." Aletheian said simply. The girl sheathed her blades and bowed her head to him respectfully, a touch embarrassed that her body had jumped to defend itself before her mind even had time to think of the consequences.

"My apologies, Mi'Lord." she said shortly, the adrenaline coursing through her veins making her feel slightly nauseous from not putting it to use. He nodded in acknowledgment of her apology and opened his hands to Jasper in a non-threatening gesture.

"We are all civilized beings here, Masters Enhaan. Can we not talk this over as such?"


Who = teh big FAIL? I do! I do!

Mmkay, so.... real date=October 6, 2008 firstly.... Secondly, I've become the acting full-time assistant at work, my grandfather passed on last Tuesday, and life in general has been ridiculously insane and writing has been the farthest thing from my mind in recent days. Until a few days ago when a girl I read on FictionPress posted another chapter, that is. She's consistent, about one chapter every month or two. And ya know, that should be more than doable. And it should be a sizeable chapter, at that. What the fuck is wrong with me that I can't even do this simple thing? I honestly think that it's due to my former hiatuses(is that a word?) which caused all of my former fans to disappear. When no one's reading what you write, it makes it hard to keep keepin' on.

So now, Randi will undertake the ultimate challenge of DOOOOOOOOOOM! I'm going to try to get all this nonsense caught up in the next two weeks, even if it means posting two-three liners, and then try to undertake the horrific task that is NaNoWriMo... *cries at the mere thought of it* But... it'll be the best way to kickstart my revision draft of In Circumspect. So... here's to nearly two months worth of writing in two weeks!

*does a spastic dance of WAY too much caffeine consumption and signs off to head to work*

Love-love-zura, all!



real date=8.23.2008

The Prince was silent for a long moment, his eyes closed. Suzerain could sense his tension, and she could even see a slight tremor to his shoulders. So angry was he that he visibly shook with his anger. Every instinct in her body told her to flee now, as this was going to be a messy affair and end badly for everyone involved.

Suzerain was torn. Jasper had treated her so kindly as a child, and The Prince had used her and tortured her so that she was molded to his liking. But somehow... she also knew that The Prince had come to love her. Perhaps not a romantic fairy-tale sort of love, but it was love nonetheless. He might not ever say those words to her, but she knew that was how he felt, even if only in a tiny part of himself that he refused to acknowledge.



real date=8.22.2008

Jethiel growled in irritation and impatience. "Let us drop this facade and get on to the task at hand, Prince Aletheian." Jasper sighed and nodded his agreement. "You are aware of the size of the Enhaan Clan, how our numbers are steadily increasing. While your Kiss, on the other hand, remains the same. It is entirely possible that your numbers are actually decreasing. We come here to ask you to surrender to us peacefully, lest we wage war on you and all your Kind."

Suzerain's jaw nearly dropped at this declaration. How had the conversation gone from light and jovial to dire and serious so rapidly? Jethiel looked ready for a fight, while Jasper continued to appear nonchalant, although there was a determined hardness around his eyes that made her sad inside.


GAH! Vampires...

This is a weak post to get things rolling again on my V:tM board. However, I do have a plan, and it will be awesome. Promise.
real date=8.22.2008

Jenise was ready to lead Cole in the direction the girl  had headed when she caught a whiff of something in the air. She was silent a moment as she raised her nose and inhaled more fully. Her eyes grew wide and she uttered a string of curses which sounded much more interesting and angry with her thick accent.

"There's a fire..." she said simply to Cole and took off running in the direction of it. She had friends who lived near that part of the city and she wanted to be sure that none of them were involved in it.

My Dark Kiss = filler of failure!

Okay, so I wrote this many moons ago to prove to myself that I could copy almost anyone's writing style. The anyone in this case would be Anne Rice. No, this is not an excerpt from anything she's ever written, this is just me totally jacking her style. The narrator has no name or gender, so far as I know. It's longish, but... enjoy!
real date=8.19.2008


Another character profile from the same forum... Jesus, maybe I should just write the story myself, using the bits I remember, and making up the rest as I go along... This was really one of the most awesome freeform RPs out of the many millions I created, way back when. Maybe Jenna and I should start gaming again, now that she's away at school... real date = 8.19.2008

name: Krystoffer
gender: male
Species: demon
class: demon lord/former slave
Age: a couple hundred, somewhere around 600
Hair: long silver hair, almost the color of tinsel
Eye Color: brilliant blood red crimson
Height: 6'4
Weight: 226 lbs
Build: leanly muscled
Skin color: pale, opalescent
Other features: slightly elongated fangs

Zafaria's former master and the one who wanted Chou Gull's empire all for himself. Former slave of Marauder.


Still hating life, but getting slightly less agitated with it, at least. After spending nine or ten hours cleaning my room and purging some of my no longer used belongings, I am so damned beat... x.x;; real date=8.19.2008

This is an OLD character sheet from before EZBoard exploded, back when online RPing was rampant and everywhere. Gods, I miss this story and wish it hadn't disappeared into the ether of the Internet...

name: Zafaria
gender: female
Species: human
class: slave
Hair: shoulder-length, deep black, very straight
Eye Color: tri-colored eyes~silver ring around the pupil, ice blue around that, outer ring is ocean blue
Weight:150 lbs
Skin color: bronze tanned

Zafaria was free, once. That was before she became a teenager. Back when things were normal, and she could go to the mall to hang out with her friends whenever she felt the desire to do so. Back when her only concerns were grades and boys. Now, however, things aren't as simple as they used to be. She appreciates how easy she really had it then, and she craves that freedom, once more.

Zafaria is aged 16, living in a world that has practically reverted to the dark ages. Our world has been overwhelmed and overthrown by Demons, a race from the infernal regions of Orcus. Humans are nothing more than slaves to these cruel beings, property to be used however their masters see fit.

Because of her physical form and her eyes, the tri-colored iris being rare, Zafaria's labor goes beyond manual and strenuous works. She's been a pleasure slave since she turned thirteen, old enough to be called a woman. She has come to accept all that she's had to go through, but things are changing.

After the death of her closest friend, Talia, Zafaria decides that things need to change, and they need to change now.

The question is... will she be successful?

Bishop of Bounce chapter 5, part 5

real date=8.19.2008 Last one before I head off to bed, since I have a ton of shit to do tomorrow morning before work... Some day I'll be caught up... Right?

I didn't even bother to look through the peephole to see who it was. I probably should have, but I was just pissed with life in general at the moment and was almost itching to fight someone. However... the two men standing on my doorstep were two guys I definitely didn't ever want to be on the bad side of.

Wulf and Red looked rather sheepish, which seemed strange to me. Suddenly, I knew that they knew. That Aros and I had... I felt color creeping into my cheeks and fought it. He wouldn't have told them anything, apart from that he'd drank from me. I was sure of it, out of nowhere.

"Afternoon, guys. Something I can help you with?" I asked, sounding more terse than I meant to. They weren't the reason I hated life, the universe, and everything. It wasn't fair of me to take my frustrations out on them. I apologized almost instantly and Red shook his head with a little smile.

"It's alright, Jules. We just wanted to come by and check up on you, make sure you'll be okay to go in to work tonight."

I nodded slowly and took a swig of my soda. "I'll be fine. A few more of those iron supplements and maybe some real food..." I glanced sidelong at my half-eaten pizza and can of pineapples and sighed. "A decent meal would fix just about everything..."

Wulf and Red shared a look and Red nodded. Wulf turned to me and said simply, "Wanna go out for lunch someplace? We'll treat."

My stomach growled loudly in reply and they both chuckled. "I'd love to!" I responded, feeling more enthusiastic at the prospect of food that wasn't several weeks past its expiration date. "Come on inside while I get dressed and then we can go."

The two werewolves sat on my couch while I ran upstairs and pulled on an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I hopped one-footed back down the stairs as I tugged on socks. Wulf laughed a little at the spectacle and I couldn't help joining in. I yanked on my running sneakers and we were out the door. Maybe today wasn't going to be such a shitty day after all.

Bishop of Bounce chapter 5, part 4

real date=8.19.2008, and I want to kill my mother.  Today (the 18th) is my Dad's birthday and the bitch couldn't even so much as say happy birthday to him. GOD... I'm so fucking pissed, there really aren't words to adequately describe my rage.. And so, on to Julius, because he is my rage personified in male form. x.x;;

I rummaged through the fridge and came to the conclusion that I really needed to go grocery shopping...

A few moments later, I was sitting on the couch with a rather unsatisfying banquet of cold, two day-old pizza, diced pineapple that I was planning to eat straight from the can, and a can of Sierra Mist. Fuck.

"Daytime soap operas, you will be the death of me..." I sighed, almost jumping out of my skin as there was a knock at the door. I groaned and went to see who the fuck it could be now.

But My Senses Tell Me to Stop...

You're poison running through my veins... I don't wanna break these chains... real date=8.18.2008

Prince Aletheian gave Jasper and Jethiel a small smile. "As you can see, gentlemen, Suzerain does anything she is told to do. It's something I admire about her. That, despite  our initial... disagreements, she has come to acknowledge me as her Master."

"As well she should, my Prince. Your powers are respected and feared by all. Why would she not simply cower before that greatness?" Jasper responded easily.

Aletheian smirked as he glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "Some who have come to respect my power were not so willing, and needed much harsher... demonstrations."

Suzerain's cheeks flushed with slight embarrassment and a touch of anger. Even now, she still put up quite a fight against The Prince when swordplay was involved. She always lost, but not before her blades tasted his tainted blood at least once.


This One Found a Vein...

Just as she was about to undo the last tie holding her gown on, The Prince said quietly, "Turn around, Suzerain."

She did as she was bidden and let the heavy blue dress fall to the floor with a rustling of cloth. The brothers' breath audibly caught as she was thoroughly exposed to them. Her back was peppered with bruises, freshly purple and sickly healing yellow. Here and there were a few long, shiny scars that she wore proudly. They were from her first battle with The Prince, when she had nearly defeated him... before he decided that he was through playing with her.

She wrapped her arms around herself to stave off the chill of the banquet hall, her new stance not helping her as much as she'd hoped it would. Prince Aletheian smiled then, truly, and asked her to clothe herself once more. Suzerain was confused, but certainly wasn't going to argue. As she was pulling the layers back together and fastening them into place, she realized that the twins hadn't been able to see her blades because of how close to the table she stood and the angle she was at when her back was to them. He was indeed a clever one, her Prince.

She smiled a little to herself and turned back to face them when he asked her to. She resumed her previous pose and the men continued their conversation.

real date=8.18.2008


Striptease for me, Baby...

Frazzled, flustered, and generally hating life = me @ the moment. Oh well... at least I've discovered that the best soundtrack to bring Suzerain out of hiding is Tarja's solo album. real date=8.18.2008
"But, Mi'Lord..!"

Suzerain attempted to protest, but saw those predatory eyes fall onto her and she silenced immediately. She only hesitated for the barest of seconds, but a thousand thoughts rampaged through her mind at once. If she took off her gown, the visiting lords would see the swords she'd been concealing and likely assume that they'd meant to fight them from the beginning. She was used to being nude, even before company. The Prince liked to parade her about like a trophy when they had company. She was unafraid of showing her body to strangers. He would protect her if anything were to happen that she could not protect herself from. However... she feared that the twins would react badly to their obvious lack of faith when they noticed her weapons.

However, there was naught else she could do. And so, Suzerain reached behind her, her eyes studying the floor very intently, and began undoing the intricate clasps and ties that held her dress in place.


More Suzerain

After a moment of relatively awkward silence, Prince Aletheian spoke, his attentions fully on Suzerain now. "You have met the brothers Enhaan before," he said simply, more of an accusatory statement than a question. Suzerain merely nodded, unable to meet his gaze.

Aletheian's expression went from flat and unamused to that cold, cruel smirk she'd come to fear more than anything else. "Suzerain..." he began slowly, his eyes very focused on Jasper and Jethiel.

"Yes, Mi'Lord?" she fought to keep the fear from her voice, knowing that it trickled in ever so slightly despite her best efforts to the contrary.

He steepled his long, leather-encased fingers together under his chin and said with a small smile. "Remove your gown for me, Pet."

real date=8.18.2008, because I just fucking suck like that.


Heritage chapter 2, part 6

real date=8.10.2008, cuz I still suck. Also... Holy kuso, Ruki... You are the hottest short seme in the history of EVAR. X3

As Tristan mulled these things over, Krishna offered him a seat at a counter with a high stool that apparently served as a breakfast nook. Krishna bustled about for a few minutes and had enough food for what seemed like an army cooking before Tristan even knew what had happened. She had several skillets going, a few things in the oven, and three toasters all popping up at nearly the same time.

She set down three plates and served two of them up equally, while the third had significantly more food than the other two. Krishna grabbed several different types of jelly and jam from the shiny steel fridge and set these on the counter along with peanut butter, butter, cinnamon, and a jug of maple syrup.

Tristan looked at all of this in awe, wondering who in the hell could eat so much food. Krishna lifted one of the two smaller plates and set it down in front of him, piled high with scrambled eggs mixed with cheese and ham, some bacon on the side, several pancakes, two waffles, and two pieces of toast. She handed him a bottle of orange juice with a smirk.

"Whatsa matter, Tristan? You act like you've never seen breakfast before."


Heritage chapter 2, part 5

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Um... Krishna, Tristan, and Nero have decided to call me and tell me what's been going on. If you wanna see what happened before, go check the tags for "Heritage".

Krishna was awakened by growling. The growling of Tristan's stomach, to be precise. She sat up with a little laugh, running her fingers through her pixie-short hair to ensure it wasn't mussed. Tristan looked up at her then, almost seeming grateful.

"I've been awake for two hours, but I didn't want to move and wake you. Your brother doesn't need any more reasons to kill me." He finished quietly, the alertness in his green eyes making it obvious that he had indeed been awake for quite some time.

Krishna laughed again, hoping that Nero had had some time to cool off overnight. "Let's go get that empty stomach of yours taken care of then, eh?" He nodded and she led him down to a separate room he hadn't been in before. It was a rather complex kitchen, and on their journey there Tristan had come to the conclusion that they were underground. This was no ordinary warehouse and the tunnel system they were in, what he'd had a chance to explore before finding his way back last night at least, was very vast and complex. It made him wonder who this brother and sister really were, and what other sorts of dastardly things they were involved in.

But... they'd essentially been nothing but kind to him. They were probably just trying to make a living, like everyone else.


Bishop of Bounce chapter 5, part 3

real date= 8.4.2008

After a few moments of letting the drugs filter into my system, I got to my feet with an agitated sigh. "Fucking fairy vampires... Going and making life all kinds of damned complicated..."

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, promptly chugging half of it before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. I didn't dare turn the light on yet, so I left the door open and worked out the rest of the shower by feel. I didn't have any marks on my neck from the feel of it, but I was still afraid to look.

Afterwards, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back downstairs to grab something to eat.

Bishop of Bounce chapter 5, part 2

real date=8.4.2008

Everything that had happened the night before washed over me like a tidal wave of doom and I sank back down onto the couch. The two bottles contained Excedrin and an iron supplement of some sort, no doubt to help me "cope with my loss".

Jesus... "I can't believe I let him..." I couldn't even say it out loud. I popped an Excedrin and two of the iron supplements, letting my head rest in my hands.

I could accept that vampires were real. I didn't know why, but it just made sense to me that humans were not the end-all and be-all to the top of the food chain. However... I'd just full on made out with a man, and he totally sucked my cock. And I'd liked it. I wasn't quite sure how to feel about this recent turn of events.

Bishop of Bounce chapter 5

real date=8.3.2008, because I just can't win.

I awoke to a headache so debilitating that I slammed my eyelids shut against the light and wished to be struck dead by lightning. However, the pain subsided enough for me to decide that maybe continuing to live wasn't such a horrible idea after all. I was on the couch and took a moment as I fought to sit up to remember what the fuck had happened last night.

I knew that I'd had some drinks, but definitely not enough to account for this monster migraine that made my eyeballs want to retreat into the back of my skull to avoid the overly bright sunlight that filtered through my curtains. Slowly, careful not to move my head too quickly, I got to my feet and shielded my eyes with a hand. I saw that someone had set a shiny new pair of aviator sunglasses on the coffee table, as well as two bottles and a note.

I said a silent thank you to whatever gods had decided to smile down on me as I slid the sunglasses on and my discomfort level nearly disappeared. Feeling much better, I lifted the paper covered in gorgeous script that was so ornate it took my foggy brain a minute to decipher it.

"Despite your protests to the contrary, I am sorry for what happened tonight, Julius. I had hoped to keep that part of myself from you...
I hope you are well, and I've left you some things to better help you cope with your... loss. I hope to see you at the club tonight.


Bishop of Bounce chapter 4, part 14

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Bishop of Bounce chapter 4, part 13

Just a drop on my lip and my heart starts to react... Nothing bites like I do and I'm ready to attack... real date=8.2.2008

recap!!! :
"As you wish..." he murmured against the skin of my throat. He gave a long, lingering kiss to my neck, almost as if working up the courage to do it. It relaxed me slightly, so I thought it would lessen the pain. I was dead wrong.

Those fangs of his slid into my neck like they belonged there, and it instantly sent such an acute agony coursing through me that it bowed my spine. He wrapped both arms around my back and held me tight against him like that as he began to drink. The pain disappeared in a wash of pleasure that left me hard, wanting, and not caring that Aros could tell. No wonder the vampire was constantly surrounded by women...

As Aros drank, I felt my strength starting to wane. My body felt very heavy and my legs just gave up the ghost on me. My knees buckled and Aros caught and held me like I was light as a feather. I moaned and lightly pushed his head, trying to give him the hint that he was almost to the point of taking too much. It was all I could manage.

He caught it and reluctantly ceased, taking a moment to drag his tongue in agonizingly slow strokes over my wounds, seeming to not want to lose any of the precious fluid that gave me life. It was neat and clean, and nothing like those "horror" vampire movies. Vampires who rip out necks never made sense to me. Seems like an awful huge waste of food to let the blood gush all over the place like that. But, maybe that's just me.

Could vampires really heal minor surface wounds with their saliva? I didn't feel any blood - running, trickling, or otherwise- flowing over my skin, so maybe...

My inner babble came to a screeching halt as Aros brought those pretty lips of his to mine with such crushing force that it made my already fluttering heartbeat pound like a pair of eight-inch subwoofers. I could taste my own blood on his lips, on his tongue, and I idly wondered if humans had different flavor varieties. I mean, our diet and such should make us taste a little different, shouldn't it?

It occurred to me then that I'd never been physical with a guy before. The thought had never even crossed my mind. Until Aros had waltzed his jaunty little self into my club what seemed like so many nights ago, that is. I decided that I didn't care.

Bishop of Bounce chapter 4, part 12

I want your power-glowing, juicy-flowing, red hot meaning of life...
It's not enough to have a little taste, I want the whole damn thing now...
Can you dig it?
real date=7.28.2008

"As you wish..." he murmured against the skin of my throat. He gave a long, lingering kiss to my neck, almost as if working up the courage to do it. It relaxed me slightly, so I thought it would lessen the pain. I was dead wrong.

Those fangs of his slid into my neck like they belonged there, and it instantly sent such an acute agony coursing through me that it bowed my spine. He wrapped both arms around my back and held me tight against him like that as he began to drink. The pain disappeared in a wash of pleasure that left me hard, wanting, and not caring that Aros could tell. No wonder the vampire was constantly surrounded by women...

Bishop of Bounce chapter 4, part 11

I can't stay on your life support, there's a shortage in the switch
I can't stay on your morphine, cuz it's makin' me itch...
real date=7.28.2008

Aros froze then, like a deer in the headlights. I remembered that Wulf and Red had mentioned that he hadn't been eating properly and it struck me that this was likely to end badly. His breathing, which had been heavy and heated to rival my own, suddenly stopped. He cradled me in his arms like I was something precious, but he was still as a statue.

Finally, after a very scary moment of silence, he lifted his head to gaze down at me with ravenous blue eyes. He said my name very softly, almost desperately, and it made me unafraid. I slowly turned my head to the side, offering him my carotid artery. "Better me than some random person you might lose control with."

He shook his head firmly. "You've no idea how long it has been since I've tasted fresh blood, Julius... I am unsure of how in control I will truly be..."

I smirked a little, then. "I trust you, Aros." And I meant it. It had been a long time since I'd been able to say that to anyone other than Lish.

"You are certain of this, Julius?" he asked, clearly fighting his roaring instincts.

I nodded lightly and closed my eyes. "I know you're starving, Aros. Just do it, already, before I lose my nerve..."

Bittersweet Memories 2

Jethiel growled at being restrained by his brother, but he acquiesced and was silent. The other gave Suzerain a soft smile. "What is your name, miss?"

"Suzerain, Mi'Lord. My name is Suzerain."

He laughed lightly. "No need to be so formal, Suzerain. I am Jasper, and this is my twin brother Jethiel. Our father is Joseph Enhaan."

They had spoken for a while longer before Suzerain had headed back home through the forest. Suzerain and Jasper didn't cross paths again until she was sixteen and he was eighteen. As she met Jasper's gaze for the barest of seconds, the memory of their second meeting made Suzerain's cheeks nearly glow scarlet. Jasper's response was a knowing smirk. Their minds had wandered to the same place.

For the first time ever, Suzerain saw The Prince look truly lost.

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Bittersweet Memories

Her cheeks burned scarlet and Suzerain bowed her head apologetically. "I am very sorry, my Lords! I... I did not know that this was your land. I was merely going for a walk and stumbled upon your fortress..."

The angry twin continued to shout. "It surprises me not that one so lowly as yourself would be so careless! Are you even aware of whose land you are trespassing on, wench?!"

The seated boy's arm shot out and grabbed his brother's coat, yanking him to the ground beside him so quickly that it made little Suzerain's head spin. He opened his eyes and they were the same deep black as his hair. His eyes were on Suzerain, but his words were for his brother. "Jethiel... Must you always be such a spoiled nuisance? It was an honest mistake. This girl surely means us no harm, and I am certain that if she did, we could handle it...

"And besides... She is a lovely little thing, is she not?"

Suzerain clasped her hands behind her back and studied her feet intently, her cheeks almost unbearably hot. She felt horribly plain next to the beauty of the two boys. Her long hair was in a simple braid, some of the shorter strands having come loose and falling about her tanned face. Her dress was an ordinary muslin color with a green songbird stitched onto the lower left corner. She'd done it herself, her first real accomplishment with needlepoint. She was a mere farmer's daughter, how could the son of an obviously wealthy lord call someone as unremarkable as herself lovely?

real date=7.21.2008
Whee! This isn't a chore, for once!


At Dinner, part 7

real date=7.21.2008 Huzzah! Suzerain's past?

Jasper tilted his head curiously as he looked at Suzerain. "She seems familiar to me somehow..." He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, as if her scent would revive some distant memory. The young woman in question observed the Lord Jasper, and something about the way his coal dark lashes rested on his cheeks stirred a memory within her, as well.

"You there! Stop! What makes you think a lowborn girl such as yourself can stomp about on our grass?!"

The ten year old Suzerain had panicked, not knowing what to do in a situation such as this. She'd merely been out wandering on her parents' farm land and had made her way into the neighboring forest. Caught up in the splendor of it all, she'd followed a well-worn footpath for what seemed like miles. It was a cool summer day, fall was riding hard on the heels of the warm season, about to chase it away for another year.

Traveling alone like this was something Suzerain loved, telling herself that she was going on an adventure. And that adventure was about to end badly, she feared. She'd followed the path out of the forest and had been dumbstruck by the protective stone wall before her that seemed to go up and around for miles.

Seated on the ground and leaning his back against that same wall was a boy who mustn't have been much older than herself. He was beautiful, with soft black hair that barely brushed the ornate collar of his gorgeous darkly green jacket. His shirt beneath was white and partially unbuttoned. His eyes were closed and his long, dark lashes rested against his lightly tanned cheeks. He was the most lovely creature she'd ever seen... Until his twin brother leaped down from the branches of a nearby oak, landing beside him and looking like a cruel mirror image.


At Dinner, part 6

Hmm... I'm sucking at life lately, not to mention how much I've been sucking at writing, as well... *sobs* Oh, well. Here goes another piece about Suzerain.

Prince Aletheian gave Jasper a smug little smirk. "She is quite skilled in the kitchen..." His white-blue eyes turned to her with dark intent and she almost shivered at the weight of his gaze. "Suzerain makes the most delicious cherry pie I have ever had the pleasure of tasting..."

"We certainly do enjoy our pie, do we not?" Jethiel and Jasper shared a look and a masculine chuckle that made Suzerain's fingers grip her skirts tighter in anxiety. She wished they would be more threatening so she would have the opportunity to use her swords on them. She wanted their land to be at peace with  Prince Aletheian's, but at the same time... She was itching to fight, and her thighs were getting sore from staying crouched for so long.

Her tanned knuckles were white against the deep blue of her gown when The Prince finally allowed her to stand. She stood at his right side with her hands clasped together behind her back, gazing obediently forward, but at nothing in particular.

Blech.. Guess that's all I can manage for now... Fizzuck!


At Dinner, part 5

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real date=7.17.2008

He grasped Suzerain's hand in his own and helped her to her feet while he remained seated. Her skirts settled into place about her without adjustment and she dropped a low curtsy to the Enhaan lords. She stayed obediently in the lowest part of that curtsy, her head bowed and her eyes intently studying the floor as she tried to ignore the more-than-eager twin gazes that roved over her thoroughly exposed cleavage. Her sun-kissed cheeks pinked ever so slightly under their scrutiny.

"This is one of my latest acquisitions from the West: Suzerain. She  has many skills, not all of them related to the boudoir."

The Prince's voice merely mentioning his bedroom made parts low on her body tighten in anticipation, and the color in her cheeks darkened. Jasper, the twin who seemed more stable, leaned back in his chair and slung a leather-encased leg over the chair's arm. "What other skills does your Suzerain possess? If you don't mind my asking that is, Prince Aletheian."


At Dinner, part 4

Come on... abuse me more, I like it.
real date=7.16.2008

Suzerain's blood turned to ice in her veins. She'd come to have a tenacious respect for the Prince, but she knew that he was prone to bouts of unrivaled cruelty, especially where she was concerned. He always said that it was for her own good, that it would make her stronger. Some days she believed him, and she was not yet sure if today was one of those days.

Aletheian bowed his head almost imperceptibly to Jethiel. "You are right. I've forgotten my manners, have I not?" The Prince turned those icy eyes the color of a winter storm on Suzerain. Her own blue-black eyes quickly fell to her hands which were clasped together tightly in her lap. She forced herself to relax her hands lest their "guests" become aware of her tension.

"Aye, Mi'lord." she said quietly with a quick nod of her head that left her elaborately done curls bouncing about madly for a moment. Aletheian gave her the barest of smiles and settled his raptor's gaze on the Enhaan men.


J-Topic Podcast-Episode 5!!!

Well, now I feel like I've accomplished something. I'm feeling slightly less worthless than I have been of late, so maybe now I can write something and get caught up... For fuck's sake... real date=7.10.2008

Seems like Suzerain and the Prince want to come out and play for a bit... Check the tags to see what happened last, as it was several months ago..

The Prince and the twins conversed for a time as they ate, Suzerain sitting silently in Aletheian's lap and absorbing every word spoken by the three men. They talked as if she weren't even there, and that was just fine with her. The brothers Jasper and Jethiel Enhaan were something more frightening than her Lord was. They were not vampires. Something about them seemed more... animal, more violent.

Part way through the third course of dinner, Jethiel stopped eating and watched Suzerain closely for a few moments. The girl knew better than to meet his gaze unless instructed to do so, but she could feel his cold black eyes boring holes into her. He rested his chin on his hand and  gave her a wicked smile filled with teeth that were anything but human.

"Prince Aletheian..."

"Yes, Lord Jethiel?"

His smile became slightly less voracious as his gaze went to the Prince. "You have yet to properly introduce us to your Pet, My Lord."


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